The Kingdom!
For all the help Mizkif and his community have given us over the last year we decided to create a little token of our appreciation. This artwork was featured on Mizkif's stream on a playmat we gave to him as a gift. 

To be absolutely clear, this playmats are not a product we sell on our store. We custom made these for him just to say thank you.

So many of you maybe asking what each of these lovely characters represent. Here's our cheat sheat.

From left to right:
- BLJ staircase
- The infamous Door
- @unrootedgame (an upcoming game produced by mizkif)
- Skittles Mode
- Boxes!
- The golden shovel
- Content grave
- Dragonite
- Marbles!
- Sword of the Kings
- Im ontop of the world
- One True Peepo
- Camera guy
- Casual chillin peepo
- Dedo
- Mario Kart gamba
- Admit your a bad mom 
- The Rinaudos
- Controller smash
- Lamont
- Top 100 spotify tunes
- Jump peepo king
- #23 
- Xavier
- Burito
- Chompy

Its been a lot of fun creating this and hopefully not the last piece we create. Hopefully we will be able to collaborate on something later down the line. For now I am just keeping this up so others can appreciate the art. Widepeepohappy.