Quick Fire Answers

Missing an Item? Please, make sure the item you have bought is not a pre-order item before emailing us. It will show this in the product description along with the dispatch date. If it was not labeled as a pre-order and you have waited the right amount of time drop us a line with your order number so we can track it down for you.

I purchased the wrong size/ I received the wrong size If one of the two things has happened to you then it's not a hard fix. Unless the item you purchased was a sale item or labeled as a non return item in the description you can simply download our Returns Form and send it back to us.

How long should I wait for my order before contacting? If you're expecting an order from us and you have checked to make sure it's not a pre-order the estimated times are: UK - 2/3 days after dispatch International - 1/2 weeks after dispatch date An email will be sent to the email address upon dispatch (maximum of 92 hours)


Need to talk with us? Please make sure you read the FAQ To make sure we have not already answered your concern.

One of our most common questions is "where is my pre-order?" with this in mind please make sure you check the product you have ordered and see if the description states it's a pre-order. If it's then it will be sent at the dispatch date shown in the description.

You can also check out our quick fire answers found on the left side of this page.