May 4th event starts - April 29th 2022 - Event starts 3pm (BST)
May 4th event ends - May 09th 2022

This year May 4th will run slightly differently. Before I get into how and why It's important for you to know that on May 27th 2022 this year we will be taking a break. The first we've ever done for 11 years. This break will run till June 20th 2022. 

With the break in mind, we will be only releasing 200 of each new design in our 1st batch. This first 200 will allow us to dispatch the product BEFORE we go away on break. As we understand it's highly likely the products will sell out a 2nd batch will be made available with a dispatch date of late June/ July (when we return).

New designs:
  • Twilight 
  • Exile  
  • Hello There

We will also be restocking (for preorder):

  • Brothers in Arms - Limited to 100
  • Infinite Empire - Limited to 100 


  • First 100 customers will get an exclusive free gift with purchase of any of the new designs. You wont need to remember a code it will be input for you along with the free gift if eligible.
  • Discounted price on all products from a galaxy far far away till May 9th.

It's safe to say this event is going go be crazy and bare with us we understand this may sound confusing but trust me when I say that we will make sure it's absolutely not. We highly recommend however you get in as quick as possible on April 29th and grab what you want straight away. This is our most MANIC event of the year and time and time again it has broken sale records.