About Us

Rise of the Titans

Created in 2011 Hard Times Clothing stands as that beacon of hope, the proof that today's society needs to show that hard work and dedication shines through. Initially Hard Times was created as a end of year college project which erupted into a worldwide phenomenon. 5 Years on and this company is still standing, fighting and beating all odds.

Fashionable & Frameable

We believe that all of our products should not just be fashionable but also frameable. We look for the best artists in the world to join us on our revolution and work closely with all to achieve truly irresistible works of art.

Unique & Innovative

Unlike any other we go above and beyond the typical expectation. Our customers are not just in and out. They are part of our community and we aim to impress them time and time again with the highest calibre.

Unbeatable & Unstoppable

We have beat all odds to be here and nothing will stop us from total global domination. All our new items will be even better then the last. We're not leaving, we're not stopping nor slowing down. Hop on. It's going to be crazy!

We pride our products on being fashionable and frameable. I've searched every corner of the world to bring you the hottest designs possible with some truly rare concepts. None of this however would of been possible without the continued support of family, friends and our amazing fans. This company is built for you and will continue to surprise you on every turn.

Matthew Crooks