Welcome to Season 10 of Hard Times Clothing!
 The most chaotic, explosive, mind blowing range is now online and ready for you to feed your obsession. We've bought back highly demanded products, given some a facelift and evolving our collection to a new high.
This season celebrates 10 years of Hard Times Clothing. With this we've pulled out all the stops and bought you new designs, new products, new payment methods, new website and much more. To make your time with us, even more memorable, we're constantly asking our customers what they want. We're not like those company's that release any old rubbish. We bring you what your heart desires. What your obsession craves. What your wardrobe calls for.
What is yet to come?
Well, you've seen now that we have a new range up. This is made up of a number of old designs, most of which we've given a new look. This achieves 2 things. 1, generally we believe the new look, looks better. But, we also think it allows customers who bought it before to have something pretty rare. Our company is forever growing and in the last year we've blown up. Gone are the days of only printing 50 tshirts in 1 design. So you have something truly unique. 

However, we also completely redrawn one design (Kitsune). As for why, the answer is simple. I hated that damn design with a passion and knew we could do better and because our fans were foaming at the mouth for their obsession we had to do it!

We have some aces up our sleeves, unlike the past we are no longer uploading every product at once. This hurts some designs over others, instead we're focusing on the ones bought back first (plus the new kitsune design). The new new new stuff will be starting to come out from the 27th August. Though I can't tell you what we've in store for you yet I can give you the names we've called them.

In no particular order:
• Anomaly
• Inner Darkness
• Wings of Freedom
• Desire of Knowledge
• Savage Talents
• Dream Eater

What was the result of the Survey?

Some time back we asked our community to take a survey asking all the difficult questions we could think and everything that would help better improve our company, not for us...but for you! After all you're the reason we're here in the first place. So, we believe it's time you hear some of these results:

1st August 2021 - HTC Survey Results
(659 people were asked)

 Question Answer
favourite colour to wear?

583- Black
214 - White
178 - Charcole

favourite Garments? 606- T-Shirts
285 - Zipped Hoodie
238 - Pullover Hoodie
217 - Longsleeve Tees
What Accessories would you want? 299 - Beanies
246 - Gaming Surfaces
223 - Enamel Pin Badges
213 - Snap backs
204 - Sticker Packs
What size tshirt to those answering the survey wear? 29.1% - Meidum
28.1% - Large
19.6% -XLarge
10.3% - XXLarge
6.4% - Small
4.1% - 3XLarge
What design do you want back that was part of our last season? 173 - Lake of Rage
162 - Toss a coin
153 - Akuma
134 - Brothers at Arms
120 - World Between Worlds
Which of our previous designs do you want to return? 128 - Guardians
122 - Kitsune
121 - Over 9000
120 - Spirit Bomb
118 - Durins Bane
106 - Final Form
What design do you like the sound of Gengar Inspired - 377
Japanese Streetwear - 277
Venom & Carnage inspired - 268
Demon Slayer inspired - 244
Bad Batch inspired - 216
What can hard times improve upon? There was no actual answers for this, we just asked what people though. The most common answer in this was actualy "nothing I can think of" but the second was "postage prices"
What would you like to see in the future This category pretty much went null and void the minute it went live. For example. One person would say "do less anime" the next would say "do more anime". This went on so much we ignored it. Till we can think of a better way to word it.
What do you like most about Hard Times Clothing Most common answer:
The designs.


Matt - Hard Times Clothing