Since the start of lockdown I've been hooked to twitch. In particular a group of streamers that all belong in the same gaming org called OTK or One True King. 

The other week, Mizkif (a streamer in OTK) unboxed a little gift from us and the response we saw was absolutely incredible. Within minutes we had 10,000 people browsing our online store. Many new customers and social media's going out of control. Being that this was all at 12am in the morning I was certainly not prepared for such a warm and welcoming response. 

The very next day I sat down contemplating how to repay Mizkif's incredible generosity, as we generally did not expect him to even mention our brand name live in front of his audience. That's when we saw the OTK merch we set to work. With only 24 hours left in the competition we had a big task ahead of us. So we went for a different take on their original logo. Simply put, a crown in a flame. We added a bonfire to the mix along with items that represent each of the streamers that make up the org so it was not crazy in your face but subtle enough for anyone to enjoy it.

We're truly humbled to be picked as the winner for this incredible competition. Hopefuly we will be able to do more with Mizkif / OTK in the future, as that was a lot of fun. To be honest, if we can create a winner within 24 hours, lets hope they choose us for the future and give us longer because we can really nail something fantastic down. Not only did we win but we also received $1500!

You can buy the Kings of the Night design right now for a limited time:

Please note: Hard Times Clothing has nothing to do with the printing/ distribution of this product. We have simply done up this design for them and it's available through THEIR website. Printing/ Quality may differ from Hard Times Clothing products. All rights of this product now belong to OTK.