The past 11 years I've been working like a mad man making this company what it is today. Many of you probably aren't aware I actually run this company on my own. I don't have members of staff to depend, so when it comes to having some time off I rarely ever do.

Which is why from May 27th through to June 20th I am having some time to be with my wife and enjoy our honeymoon without worrying about work.

What does this mean?
The site will remain open for business, however everything on the website will be a preorder. With this we will have new items, which are incredible! As well as beloved favourites being restocked! Dispatch dates will vary, if we have it instock you can expect it to ship end of June. If it's a new design or complete restock you will notice the dispatch being July 2022, roughly around the 11th - 18th I would imagine.

Will this mean you can't be reached? What if I have an issue?
No, you can still email The unfortunate reality of being a small business owner is I can never truly get away from work. So I will be replying to emails however please allow up to 92 hours for your reply. An automated message will respond immediately with quickfire answers to things I can expect to hear about. However regardless if the auto response answers your questions I will reply anyway just give me time. To put this into expectations, I will be replying to ONLY EMAILS once a day for around 5/10 minutes and then getting on with my break. You will get the same level of help I've done for all my customers through the years but it may take an extra day or two to get your answer :)

What about social media's? You still seem to be posting.
All social media posts are going to be automated before I leave, so don't expect me to be talking much on them, I refuse to sit on Instagram, Facebook or twitter during my break. 

Wait, will you be at MCM Comic Con London then?!
No, we will not be attending MCM Comic Con London this May. We're having a break, comic conventions are the furthest thing from that haha.

So if I order from May 27th, when will be it dispatched?
Some items will be dispatched late June (roughly around 20th - 27th)
Others will be dispatched July (roughly 11th - 18th)
See item description for dispatch date, and remember it all goes at once. So if you order an item shipping July and another June, it will all go in July.

Will the May 4th Orders be dispatched before the break?
Remember we put on the site batch 1 and batch 2? Well batch 1 was for May dispatch, batch 2 was for July dispatch. So to answer that please look at your order, if it says batch 1 we will be making sure they're gone before we leave. If it says batch 2 then you will have to wait a bit longer...but I will try to get it all done but the reality is I may not which is why we did things the way we did this year for that event.

If you have any other questions you feel are relevant to this break, please email me and I will respond and upload it if I feel it's necessary here :)

This break means a lot to me, and honestly is going to be a lot of good. I've been working my arse off over the pandemic and need a bit of R&R. Thankyou for understanding and I hope you look forward to the goodies that await you May 27th.