Hello ladies and gentleman

So the holidays are here! We've had the BEST year we've ever had and we're not ready to stop just yet. However we do have some important information we want you all to consider.

1. Due to Covid-19 we can't guarantee Christmas delivery. This mainly applies with international orders as we have no control over country regulations and restrictions. Generally shipping to the UK will take 48 hours from dispatch.
2. Final post date this year is the 18th December. All orders that can be fulfilled by this date will be sent out.
3. Posting will resume 4th January 2021

The following preorders are EXPECTED to dispatch on the following times:
• Valhalla tshirt/hoodie - 7th December
• Lockdown, The Fallen, The Child, Blood on the Grass - 9th December
• Black Friday Hipflask, wallet, skatedecks, lighter - 11th December
• Black Friday RedvsBlue, Initiatrix, d20, law of surprise - 16th December

All of the above expected dispatch dates are only rough estimates. It's rare that we're late however with the pandemic it's unpredictable. The best way to act is to just be patient with us, upon dispatch you will get an email confirmation with tracking.