Welcome everyone to our BlackFriday 2020 event.

This has been a rough year for most and due to the pandemic we unfortunately have had to do Black Friday differently to other years. But this is actually a bit better for everyone anyway. Here's how it works.

All our exclusive products are pre-orders. The accessories are due in before the clothing. Due to the pandemic we can't guarantee Christmas delivery for these items. But we will try our best. Normally we only offer our exclusives for a week or sometimes even less. This year we will not get rid of them for the whole month. To TRY and get people their items before christmas we've introduced batches.

If you go to our exclusives you will see 'Batch 1' and 'Batch 2' as options. Batch 1 is limited to 100 and batch 2 is unlimited. Batch 1 orders will be sent out before any of batch 2. If you look at the description we're estimating batch 1 preorders to be dispatched mid December. Batch 2 will be dispatched January 2021. 

Laser engraved products like our wallets, hipflasks, lighters and skatedecks will be dispatched sooner as production is quicker. We recommend ordering these separately to any clothing exclusive.

Hopefully this is quite easy to understand but if you need some help, reach out to us via the contact link at the bottom.

Couple useful tips:
• Batch 1 is cheaper then batch 2
• Get in your order before December 1st, Prices will rise after this time as the 'Sale' portion of this event ends.
• UK Shipping is free for orders over £80 (increased due to sale)
• Discount codes still work.