2017 has arrived! I decided that since Black Friday was such a massive success I needed to fully focus over Christmas on getting all of those parcels out. As most of you know I actually run this company by myself so I'm sure you can understand that over 400+ orders in a couple of days can take a while haha. Anyway along with packing, folding and generally organizing over the holidays I've been thinking and working out ''what's next?''. This year we implement all of our 5 years of knowledge into crafting something incredible!

In March we will be launching our sister company 'Paragon Pax'. You probably have heard this on the website if you've looked at previous blog posts. Paragon Pax is a monthly subscription box specifically with Hard Times Clothing products. Luxurious designs and goodies will await you every month for a small fee! (All costs are still tbc). 

We are also already getting in many designs for the next year and setting up what conventions we will be attending. As it stands we will be doing Insomnia 60, MCM London May & October.

It's going to be an incredible journey so we hope you join and support us on our social networks!