As we've done for a few years we focus more on giving you amazing exclusive products for Black Friday for really good prices rather then dropping all our current products down. These exclusives are always a hit and this year we've gone above and beyond to bring you the best mini collection possible. Different garments, different products, different printing techniques and unique 1 of a kind artwork unavailable anywhere else in the world and best of all...ONLY ONLINE FOR 1 WEEK.

That's right, all our amazing Black Friday exclusives are only online for 1 WEEK! That's it!!! After December 1st we will be turning these products off and they will be unavailable to buy at any other time! Not even next year as we'll come up with new ideas. Not only this but each design is only limited to 100 of each. Though we like to open them as pre-orders we limit it at 100 to make our customers feel they own something highly collectable and special. 

All Black Friday designs are pre-orders to ensure we have the right size for you! We can't guarantee Christmas delivery BUT we aim to dispatch our products by December 16th and for UK customers this SHOULD be just in time.


FIRST 100 CUSTOMERS FROM 24th Nov 12am can get a futher 10% off with discount code: HTCBF1

From Nov 24th to Nov 27th (11.59pm GMT) any order over £75 will get a FREE limited edition t-shirt unavailable to buy online at any time. This is our most amazing deal! Saving you a whopping £25. The limited edition design is shown through our website as a black t-shirt with a gold foil print of our new logo saying 'Hard Times'...PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST SPEND £75+ ON PRODUCTS AND DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING! 

Nov 28th to Nov 28th (11.59pm GMT) save 10% off Paragon Pax past boxes with discount code: HTCBF2

Nov 29th to Nov 29th (11.59pm GMT) Get a FREE mug with orders over £50! Simply spend £50 and add a mug to your cart and use discount code: HTCBF3 to save £8 on whatever mug you choose! 

Nov 30th to Nov 30th (11.59pm GMT) Get a FREE sticker pack with orders over £20. Again like the mugs choose any sticker pack you like and enter discount code HTCBF4

December 1st to December 1st (11.59pm GMT) Save 15% off all non exclusive products. This is the last discount code available to you for our Black Friday week! So snatch up any non exclusive for a little cheaper with code: HTCBF5


Each year we always get the same questions so this year we thought we would set up this quick Black Friday FAQ for you to get the answers you seek quickly!

Can you pay more to get the pre-order items quicker?
No, bottom line is we have to order these products after they sell out/ when the sale ends. Then the products get produced, quality tested and then posted. The dispatch estimate we set is the earliest time we can send out your products.

I ordered an exclusive and a non exclusive product, will I get 2 parcels?
No, All orders will be sent out when the entity of said order is ready. If you wish to get any 'in Stock' item faster we recommend you put through 2 separate orders. One for pre-orders one for in stock items.

I don't get paid till after December 1st can I get the exclusives then?
NO! All exclusives are only available till December 1st. Borrow some money, ask for them as Christmas presents but get them fast as we can't sell them after the 1st December!

I forget to apply a code can we apply it for you?
No, we can't. Depending when you ordered if you get to us quick enough we can refund your order for you to redo it with the code. If it works. However with our codes rotating ever 24 hours and such we can't promise we will be able to reply fast enough for you to be eligable

What size will my exclusive t-shirt be?
Your exclusive t shirt will be the same size as whatever tops you also ordered. However if you add in the note any different size you want the exclusive t shirt to be we can do it :) If you order multiple different sizes we will just pick one of those sizes unless instructed in the notes of your order. If you forget to add a note email us before December 1st with your order number and what size you want the top in.

My past discounts are not working.
We turned off all past discount codes for Black Friday as we have already reduced prices and created discount codes that give you an even futher discount. Expect them to be turned back on December 2nd.