Black Friday 2023

Starts: November 17th - 8pm (GMT)
Ends: November 30th

Our BIGGEST event of the year is only a few weeks away! 3 BRAND NEW DESIGNS will be coming and we've made sure to go above and beyond to make these some of our strongest, most detailed designs we've ever created. We're in the business of breaking records with this event!

Each of these 3 new designs will be available immediately! However they're limited to only 200 of each design so you will have to move fast. Please note this does not mean 200 of each size so if you're desperate to have your size be ready!

Of course, we will also have deals going on through the event on a lot of our products (not all, we're a small business after all). IMPORTANT. We will be doing a HUGE promotion for the first 3 days (from 17th - 19th) or till stock runs out. This promotion will be for orders £100 + but trust me this is one you wont want to miss.

More news coming soon including what deals we will be offering in detail!

So, you want to see what we're releasing early?
We're going to be showing previews of our new designs off on our Discord server on the following dates: 3rd Nov, 10th Nov & 15th Nov. Further more a lot more information will be put up on our discord for our community to access quick and easy. We already have close to 1000 members there.
Join the chaos: