Black Friday is coming! As always we wont be doing major deals on our new items, instead what we do is release a number of products exclusively for Black Friday weekend at a deal price. 

Last Black Friday we released 5 exclusive products for 1 weekend only (see image below) each of these were either exclusive variations of past designs or completely different designs in general available at an amazing price! Both limited in quantity and time. Our customers had 4 days to purchase these items after they were gone for good! The same will apply this year!

However this year we're going all out! We will be doing a few amazing new designs exclusive to the Black Friday weekend including a brand new zipped up hoodie, t-shirt and much more! Including free gifts and prizes through the weekend.

As we now have over 300 different designs we need some help, we have set to our social networks, newsletters and this blog post to see what design people want to see return out of the ones in the image above. Comment below with the number and hold your horses! BLACK FRIDAY IS COMING

NOVEMBER 25th 2016