Here at Hard Times Clothing we strive to expand above and beyond that of the average clothing company. Our new Preorder Insentive Program (P.I.P) is now in full effect! Here's what has happened:

1. Preorders will always been cheaper then the initial release
2. Preorders will now include the size 3xl as a preorder exclusive size
3. Preorders will now have an extra stage "Boss Level 300". * read more below

You can read more about pre orders and how they work here.

*This stage is hit when a pre-order product hits 300+ sales. At this stage a new design similar to the design that hit this level is created and those who ordered will get to see this design before anyone else in the world and get an exclusive discount. This is to fuel people's fandoms more so then ever.

Successful Products That hit 'Boss Level 300'
• World Between Worlds is the first design we've launched that hit 'Boss Level 300' and as a result a new design 'Rising Phoenix' has been made and launching 19th June 2020.