Black Friday 2018 is going to be much like all our other Black Friday events. 

To those unaware of how we do this glorious day, listen up as you will NEED to know how things go down.

* First off it starts on the 23rd November
* On this day EXCLUSIVE products are launched on our website. New designs, different garments, the BEST artwork
* All of the EXCLUSIVE products on the site are at deal price and only available during the duration of the event (23rd Nov - 27th Nov)
* After the 27th all EXCLUSIVES will be unavailable to buy and NEVER able to be bought again.

We want to assure everyone that the current pre-orders on our website will not be on sale again during the event.

The designs we're going to be bringing out will NOT be a pre-order for the first 100. After that if there's still time we will open pre-orders. So if you're desperate to get a design in time for Christmas we highly recommend you stay up till midnight on the 22nd November so you can quickly get your fashionable and frameable apparel.

Need a taste of Black Friday?